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Re: Dirty Snow

Note, Jonah, that they bury the lede in that story:

In the past two centuries, the Arctic has warmed about 1.6 degrees. Dirty snow caused .5 to 1.5 degrees of warming, or up to 94 percent of the observed change, the scientists determined.

Yes, you read that right. Virtually all of the observed warming in the Arctic (you know, those poor polar bears) might be attributable to dirty snow and not greenhouse gases. At the very least, a whole third of it was caused by dirty snow. This is what I mean when I say that action on GHGs is like arresting the usual suspects.

Meanwhile, new research indicates that hurricane frequency might actually be reverting to normal after a sustained lull:

The recent increase in the number of major Atlantic hurricanes may just be a return to the norm after a period of unusually low storm frequency, say researchers. Johan Nyberg of the Geological Survey of Sweden and colleagues used marine sediment cores of coral samples from the northeast Caribbean to build a proxy record of wind shear and sea-surface temperatures since 1730, and from this they estimated hurricane activity since that time. […] Nyberg says that, when considered in the context of the past three centuries, this [recent] sudden burst of large hurricanes is simply a return to the norm.

This is based on proxy records, which are often problematic, so the research should be viewed skeptically, but it is another indication that we don’t know so much about the climate that we can safely say that things are out of whack and it’s our fault.

Apologies for this intrusion from Planet Gore.