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Re: Down Goes Schundler

A very unfortunate turn of events. Schundler was a dedicated reformer and an intellectual light in the administration. He was also as worthy an adversary of the teachers unions as the governor he served. This regrettable but likely unavoidable move will be taken by the unions as  a — temporary, tactical — victory for the status quo ante in New Jersey Schools.

UPDATE: I should add that this story isn’t all bad. It reconfirms what we already knew, that Chris Christie is decisive, and a believer in accountability. In the course of just a couple of days he: had Schundler walk him through how the error was made, was confronted with video evidence that contradicted that story, asked for Schundler’s resignation and, after the commissioner dawdled, fired him. I don’t suspect Schundler will be Sherroded, either.


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