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Re-Elect Bush. . .

My post about the lot of battered spouses seems to have inadvertantly encouraged some angry conservatives to indulge in the

notion that there might be some candidate in November more deserving of

their support. George Bush deserves our support and its crucial that he

be re-elected. While WH sources appear to be dismissing the import of

conservatives’ displeasure, I don’t think that the President himself

is. I think that his proposal is the result of his own deep conviction

with little concern about the political ramifications. For him it’s not

an attempt to woo Hispanic voters and he’s willing to alienate many of

his conservative supporters on this one because he is utterly persuaded

on the merits. I wholly disagree with the case he makes, but recognize

that the courage and conviction he has shown on the war on terror, tax

cuts, conservative judges, abortion, etc. is again on display–this

time, like with education policy, its leads him where conservatives

can’t follow. Such a conviction politician merits support.