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Re: Elex Nitecaps

For me, I’ll just have to sling a shot of Grey Goose into a steaming mug of lemony Theraflu. Most of us here at the Dallas Morning News editorial page are sick, and it’s cold and rainy outside. I’m about ready to start swilling the Thera-tinis now (with a Mentho-Lyptus cough drop instead of an olive), especially if I keep reading these dreary exit polls. I keep checking into the Corner for uplifting “never you mind those exit polls” commentary, which is keeping my spirits up. I’m trying not to be Pollyannaish about it, but I find it impossible to believe that every pre-election poll in the country was so wrong. Hey, it could happen, but I’m not ready to panic yet.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the Texas GOP can manage tonight to

knock off five targeted Democratic Congressional incumbents, including Hill

stalwarts Martin Frost, Charlie Stenholm and Chet Edwards. If these guys go

down, Tom DeLay and his redistricting plan will have driven a stake through

the heart of the Texas Democratic party. I actually hope Chet Edwards pulls

through, for reasons of policy, and because his opponent, State Rep. Arlene

Wohlgemuth, has been running a perfectly awful commercial about gay

adoption, making it sound like Rep. Edwards, a Baptist from Waco, is tossing

Our Precious Babies into the arms of perverts.