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Re: Embarrassing Strategy

Kathryn, that AP story brings us to my nominee for the best headline of the day, which comes (as it often does) from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:

“Saudis to Bush: No reduction of oil prices. Bush to Saudis: OK, we’ll give you nukes”

As he quotes AP:

President George W. Bush and King Abdullah formalized new cooperation on Friday between the kingdom and the United States on a range of topics, including the development of civilian nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia and US protection of Saudi oil fields.

The agreements came as Saudi Arabian leaders made clear that they saw no reason to increase oil production until their customers demanded it, apparently rebuffing a request made by the president directly to the king in an effort to stay the soaring US gasoline prices.

The nuclear power should go well with that $20 bill in military arms we sold the KSA last summer (while the Saudis continue to press Hamas’s case).  But not to worry:  the Saudis will continue to depress the price of all that wonderful literature they provide us on the, er, internal struggle for personal betterment through good works in society.


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