The Corner

Re: Episcopal Crisis

Good point from a reader: “Something the [NY Times] article doesn’t touch

on is how when conservatives/traditionalist compromise, their position is

later outlawed. In 1973 (approx), when the first female priests were

consecrated, there was an agreement that you didn’t have to believe one way

or the other about it, just let the other guy believe what he wants. …

Come 1995 or 1996, the house of bishops/general convention made it against

canon law for someone who did not believe that women should be ordained

could be elected to any position in the church, or, I think, ordained. I

know that parishes are ignoring this, since I know folks like this who are

new priests, vestry, etc.

“So, it’s not optional what to believe about women’s ordination, but it is

to disbelieve in the trinity (1960’s), or the divinity of Jesus (Bp.


I agree, that’s the way it’s going. Divinity of Christ?—Some say yes,

some say no. Trinity?—Make up your own mind. The Resurrection?—(Yawn)

Whatever. Nicene Creed—Take it or leave it, just as you like. Homosex a

“sacrament”?—Believe, or leave!