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Re ‘An Epithet, Anyone?’

Earlier today, I had some items about school choice, and I related the letter of a reader. He noted that the Left has a favorite taunt: They call people who favor military action, but who did not serve in the U.S. military, “chickenhawks.” Our reader expressed the desire for a term to describe politicians who oppose school choice, but would never let their own children darken the door of a public school. (This group includes pretty much the entire Democratic establishment.)

NRO readers responded with many suggested names. Some of them are unprintable. I will print a few:

Teacher’s pets. Teachers’-union pets. Poison ivies. Sidwell Friends of Public Education (!). NINKs (for Not in My Kid’s School). Behead starters (!). Gatekeepers. Charter fools. Non-pro-choicers. NEA-baggers. Edu-crites. Door-stoppers. Amateur Maddoxes. Maddox liberals. Antoinettes. Disaffirmative actors. Choice chickens. Democrats. Hypocrites.

One reader told me there is already a term in circulation: “chickenchalks.” Not bad.


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