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Re: Erbe Myths

Here’s my question: What makes Bonnie Erbe think Bristol wasn’t using birth control? Bristol said on national television that she doesn’t have any objections to birth control.

More than half of unintended pregnancies occur among women using contraceptives. Here’s the conclusion from one study in Family Planning Perspectives: “The typical woman who uses reversible methods of contraception continuously from her 15th to her 45th birthday will experience 1.8 contraceptive failures.” 

(And the failure rates among 18-year-olds are really, really high).

Quick, can someone check: Didn’t Bristol have contraceptive sex-education in her high school? Does that prove contraceptive education caused her pregnancy?

Stop using this girl as a stick for your culture wars.

(And since she and her boyfriend dated for four years, it wasn’t exactly a “hook up,” but that’s beside the point.)


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