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Re: Falklands

Can’t see much comparison, Stanley. Between, I mean…

—Bombs going off 8,000 miles away and bombs going off in the subway

—Argentine military bumptiousness and Islamic irredentism

—A conflict on a group of exceedingly remote islands and a conflict


—Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair

Other matters aside, the Falklands War was a superb case of leadership. I

do not recall (I was living in London at the time) any great public passion

to reclaim the islands. Most British people didn’t care one way or the

other, and the nation would have settled for appeasement, I am sure. Once

Maggie got things under way, though, and people realised there was no

stopping her, they got on board. Under a different leader, they would have

sold the Falklanders down the river and not lost a minute’s sleep over it.

As they did the Jews of Palestine, Turkish Cypriots, white Rhodesians, and

Ulstermen. Remarkable thing, leadership. But rare.

John Derbyshire — Mr. Derbyshire is a former contributing editor of National Review.

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