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Re: Fat Activism

Julie and Betsy — the fat-acceptance movement and food nannyism are two very different phenomena; each is a threat to liberty, and thus deserving of NRO ink, in its own way.

The problem with fat activism is not that it asserts a “‘right’ to have a larger derrière” — everyone should have that right — but that is seeking to create a new victim group and further expand the scope of anti-discrimination law. Using the government to stamp out private discrimination is a drastic measure; it is appropriate only in the most extreme circumstances.

The problem with the health nannies is that they’re using the government to try to stop destructive behavior, instead of leaving people to make their own decisions and live with the consequences.

These two movements have very different levels of influence — now. Conservatives should aim to nip the first in the bud and fight back the second.


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