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Re: Fox Ain’t Cbs

Jon – That whole TNR piece is shockingly sub-par. As most people know around here, I’m a fan of TNR, but this thing is really just a collection of lefty cliches strung togther. First of all, Buck’s right. It’s flatly untrue that Fox never acknowledged the fakery of those Fonda photos. I remember seeing them address it more than once. Moreover, the silly habit of Fox-bashers to match-up Sean Hannity and Brit Hume as if anyone thinks they have the same job is so lazy. I don’t hold Judy Woodruff accountable for what Paul Begala says on Crossfire, but for some reason I’m supposed to think that Hume and Chris Wallace are interchangeable with Hannity? I just don’t get that.

But on a broader level, the obsession with Fox is just so lame. Crying “What about Fox!” everytime the mainstream media gets criticized is not an answer to legitimate complaints — it’s an attempt to deflect them. Besides, Brit Hume is great but liberals can’t keep citing him as a match for Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, Woodruff, Couric, et al. combined.

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