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Re: France Agonistes

Jonah, I got an e-mail today from a

friend in Paris subject-lined, “It’s started.” He was referring to the

Muslim riots in the Parisian suburbs. This is something that the French have

anticipated for a long time, and planned for. I don’t think the French

authorities are going to put up with this for much longer, and I would guess

that if things don’t settle down in a couple of days, we will see the

authorities move in with serious force. The rest of Europe has got to be

watching all this amid shudders. We all should be. Your reader is quite

right: elites in this country — especially those of us who work in the MSM

– refuse to ask the hard questions about Islam and the West because we are

afraid that the answers will shatter the icon of multiculturalism. As the

Dutch learned one year ago today when Theo van Gogh was ritually slaughtered

by a Muslim extremist on an Amsterdam street, reality eventually has a way

of grabbing one by the scruff of one’s neck and rubbing one’s nose in it.


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