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Re: Franken Fuel

NBC might be seen as the White House favorite (the same way you might pick your favorite snail to eat). But they’ve tried to be very balanced in parceling out the access. Compared to true media apple-polishers (we mean you, Senator McCain), I think the Bushies are probably too limited in their media appearances, and certainly too polite. But their rather mild (by comparison to the Carville style) condemnation of Clarke has the media regularly using the word “ferocious.”

PS: Clarke, that media-made millionaire, said more silly things on Stewart last night, like Clinton was the one that told everyone of the terror threat in 1996, that genius. It sounded about as plausible as Jimmy Carter warning everyone about the Soviet threat to Afghanistan in 1976. Even if Clinton saw a trend, his answer was dithering and missile assaults to frustrate Ken Starr and Dan Burton instead of Osama.

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