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re: Fred Thompson

If you’re on Law and Order, you probably aren’t lacking for “buzz.”

My read of his flirting with 2008: At first, he was flattered to be wanted. Then he decided to have a little fun with it, see if it was for real. While in this mode, he quickly came to realize how deep the yearning conservatives have for a real conservative leader is, and how they feel like they don’t have one in the current mix. I think he’s now heartened by the fact that so many people seem to want that leader to be him / think it could be him. And so I think increasingly he’s been seriously considering the possibility of running over these last two weeks. There are so many drawbacks, especially for a guy with a comfortable life but also for a candidate getting in relatively late, when others have the organization he doesn’t.

But, yes, I think Fred Thompson is increasingly serious about the possibility of runnig for president..

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