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Re French Canadians

I think Steyn’s piece is great. But, personally, I always kind of liked the French Canucks. Like many immigrant groups they got out of their home countries at the right time and therefore weren’t affected when their native cultures went off a cliff. I love Quebec City where the French food I had was hardly nouvelle (French for “clever is more important than tasty”). Mark Steyn obviously knows a lot more about Canada than I do, but I’m not entirely ignorant on the subject. Isn’t it possible that while Steyn is right about the “Francization” of the political culture of Canada, isn’t it also possible that some of Quebec’s French culture has been “Canadified”? — i.e. the French Canadians have adopted the humorless, thin-skinned, bitter and defensive UN-o-phillic schtick of their Anglo bretheren? In my Canada cover story I noted that I found the country to be turning into a giant college campus where political correctness reigned supreme and the only “intelligent” position was stupid anti-Americanism. Well, maybe that attitude has infected Canada’s French speaking dorm?

Regardless, as for as Triumph the Comic Dog goes, I’m on his side. Canada is up there for him to poop on.

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