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Re: Fritz

A friend notes:

What’s really amazing about the column is how poorly it reads. Is this the best Senate staffers can do? Does the paper have no copy editor to clean it up and make it read like a coherent piece of thinking? “But Cheney’s man, Chalabi, made a mess of the de-Baathification of Iraq by dismissing Republican Guard leadership and Sunni leaders who soon joined with the insurgents.” Does he think his constituents know of Chalabi? What the Republican Guard was?

The last paragraph boils on incoherent: Terrorism is to be defeated by diplomacy and negotiation. You get Osama to the bargaining table, Fritz.

Reminds me of that nutty Ron Paul diatribe about Michael Ledeen. Also, reminds me of Ted Kennedy picking up stuff from very odd sources (see Michael Rubin yesterday). Don’t staffers get paid, in part, to protect their guys from mediocre work and screw-ups?


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