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Re: The Future Is Now

Kathryn — It’s also worth pointing out that as good as OxBlog is — and as good as Pantagruel may be (I’ve never seen it) — the print NR is still vastly more influential than most blogs combined. That’s true by a significant margin among college kids and true by a humungous margin in the society as a whole. I changed my mind about the importance of blogging a while ago, but people should keep in mind that in Washington and beyond there are still people who don’t even know what blogging is. Also, it’s hardly as if NR didn’t play a prominent role in that article, for good and for ill. Why NRO got no mention, and why it gets so little respect from the Times, remains a mystery. As for the rest of my views on the Times article, people will just have to wait for this morning’s G-File. In the meantime, Cosmo and I have to deal with some reportedly heavy squirrel infestation in sector sieben gruber — er, I mean sector 7-G.

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