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Re: Gay Marriage

Stanley: Thanks for that reminder. I have just read (actually, in all but

a couple of cases, re-read–”Men more often need to be reminded than

instructed”) those 2001 posts with profit. They leave little unsaid.

Except, perhaps this meta-observation: That as the same-sex marriage debate

takes off and issues like those in the 2001 posts begin to get people’s

attention, the age-old and (so far as I know) universal social disapproval

of homosexuality will come to seem more, not less, reasonable. The

homosexual-rights activists are in a period of overshoot. They have

banished the old regime of illegality, persecution and blackmail, and a good

thing too. Now, however, they are trying to effect radical changes in

society, changes which huge numbers of people will not stomach. As I have

said before:

“Homosexuals would, I believe, be wise to lower the volume, cherish their

private lives, withdraw the more contentious litigation, and stop ‘pushing

the envelope.’ Envelopes can break.”

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