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Re: Gay Marriage

This isn’t exactly my position, but FWIW:

“More social evolution is required… “

I have to say that I fundamentally agree with you on this, but one needn’t be on the side of this year’s do-do bird. I believe that gay marriage advocates are fundamentally correct that it would be a social plus if we accept it. But it’s not going to be accepted unless people like me (and you) start talking about its potential benefits beyond today’s morality and moralism. I don’t believe, fyi, that it’s a fundamental human right to be married to the person you love.

It’s brave of you to talk about civil unions among many social conservatives, but the moral imperatives of marriage are what helps heterosexual society work. If I were in a “civil union” I don’t know if I’d feel as compelled to act in a moral way. That way lies… Europe. If you want a real assault on marriage, civil unions are a great first salvo.

What George W. Bush says is pretty reasonable in re: abortion. He’s against it, but more social evolution is required before it’s implemented. You take the converse (or is it the inverse?).