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Re: Off the Gaydar

Mark — I’ve already received passionate email on the subject. For instance:

The heterosexual community has attempted over the years to redefine “gaydar” in order to expand and morph it true meaning to encompass their own ability to identify homosexuality.  This is simply outrageous!!!  We already have their terms for heterosexual  “gaydar”.  Call it homophobia, gay-bashing, or even gaycrimination (just made it up but it has a ring to it — it is possible I heard it on Will and Grace).    I believe that we should let the gays  (is it okay to call them “the gays”) have their term.

I think you (the corner) should be the first to put the kibosh on the heterosexual communities attempt to redefine “gaydar.”

I figure the gays can have gaydar.  In return we will take, um…, I don’t know, how about… “marriage.”

Without commenting on that, I will defend my characterization of Canadian men’s figure skating by going to that authoritative news source, ABC News:


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