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Re: Get With the Beat

Mark, the classic sharia manual, Reliance of the Traveller, expressly endorsed in the preface by scholars at both al-Azhar University in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood’s American think-tank, the International Institute of Islamic Thought (see here and here), also weighs in on the Religion of Peace’s enlightened wife-beating laws. Section m10.12 (“Dealing With a Rebellious Wife”) helpfully explains:


When a husband notices signs of rebelliousness in his wife (nushuz), whether in words, as when she answers him coldly when she used to do so politely, or he asks her to come to bed and she refuses, contrary to her usual habit; or whether in acts, as when he finds her averse to him when she was previously kind and cheerful), he warns her in words (without keeping from her or hitting her, for it may be that she has an excuse. The warning could be to tell her, “fear Allah concerning the rights you owe to me,” or it could be to explain that rebelliousness nullifies his obligation to support her and give her a turn amongst other wives, or it could be to inform her, “Your obeying me is religiously obligatory”). If she commits rebelliousness, he keeps from sleeping (and having sex) with her without words, and may hit her, but not in a way that injures her, meaning he may not (bruise her), break bones, wound her, or cause blood to flow. (It is unlawful to strike another’s face.) He may hit her whether she is rebellious only once or whether more than once, though a weaker opinion holds that he may not hit her unless there is repeated rebelliousness.

The section then elaborates on what it means for a wife to be “rebellious”:

It is not lawful for a wife to leave the house except by the permission of her husband, though she may do so without permission when there is a pressing necessity. Nor may a wife permit anyone to enter her husband’s home unless he agrees, even their unmarriageable kin. Nor may she be alone with a nonfamily-member male, under any circumstances…. It is obligatory for a wife to obey her husband as is customary in allowing him full lawful sexual enjoyment of her person. It is obligatory for the husband to enable her to remain chaste and free of want for sex if he is able…. If the wife does not fulfill one of the above-mentioned obligations, she is termed “rebellious”[.]

While I am a hater for pointing this out, the people who actually wrote and endorsed what I have pointed out are moderates. See how this works?


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