The Corner

Re: Ghandigate

D.J. McGuire, who runs the excellent China e-Lobby website , offers this

explanation, which sounds right to me:

“Derb—One thing to remember about Hillary et al on the elitist left: these

people look down on the Indian folks who run gas stations as (a) of a lesser

class than they are, (b) absurd capitalists when they should be social

lefties like her, and (c) most important, deserving of calumny and slights

for earning their American dream the hard way instead of whining about

racism to the government.

“The left has exactly the same take on Cubans, who were the only non-white

ethnic group for whom hatred was acceptable with the PC crowd until India

went nuclear. I have noticed that ever since that very act in the spring of

1998, the left has enjoyed blasting India at every turn. New Delhi’s very

fast warming toward President Bush also makes them an OK target for the


“In short, Hillary didn’t mean the gas station line as a compliment. She

meant it as an insult.”