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Re: Ghost of Buckley

An NRO reader rightly points out that in 1970 James Buckley triumphed in the general election over lefty Republican Charles Godell (and liberal Democrat Congressman Dick Ottinger), not Jacob Javits — he was bumped off in the 1980 NY GOP primary by Al D’Amato (in another three-way November slugfest, Javits appeared on the Liberal Party line, and siphoned enough votes from Dem Liz Holtzman to ensure D’Amato a squeaker win). I’d like to blame my error on the fact that Buckley and D’Amato look alike, and are so alike in demeanor, but I don’t think anyone, even juiced up on Thunderbird, would believe that. It’s impossible to confuse the Sainted Senator with Senator Pothole. Mea culpa.


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