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Re: Goldberg: ‘Enormous Number of Polling Problems’ for Obama, Including Among Uninsured

Jonah is right that the White House has a polling problem, particularly with the uninsured. The New York Times has a piece summing up the numbers from a new NYT/CBS News poll. A few findings:

‐ “Just one-third of uninsured [the people this law is supposed to help] expect the law, the Affordable Care Act, to improve the nation’s health care system.”

‐ “While one-third [of the uninsured] expect improvement, two-thirds anticipate either a worsening or no difference at all.”

‐ “And while a nearly 4 in 10 plurality of uninsured Americans think the health care law will hurt them personally, they are twice as likely as the general public to say the law will help them.”

The whole thing is here. And when you add to these numbers the fact that changing opinions among women and Democrats drove the reduction in ACA support in November, you see how big a polling problem the president has.