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Re: Good News for 24

Mike, President Logan speaks:

He may have lost his job as leader of the free world, but disgraced President Charles Logan hasn’t lost his appetite for power. And he certainly hasn’t lost his appetite.

Last Friday morning, he sat in a midtown Manhattan diner tucking enthusiastically into a vegetable egg-white frittata with a side of sausages. There was a brief moment of uncertainty as his knife hovered over a slice of rye toast. Butter or not? Definitely butter. And let’s have a coffee refill.

“Mr. President!” said a young functionary, stopping by the table to hand off a slip of paper with some scribbled information.

“You don’t get many jobs like this,” said a beaming Gregory Itzin, who played Logan, the treacherous Nixonian president during seasons four and five of the Fox television drama “24,” scoring acclaim and an Emmy nomination, and who recently returned to do more damage during the hit series’ eighth and final season.

More from his WSJ conversation here.


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