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Re: Got Too Much Milk?

Rich: I used to hang out with New Zealanders in London. They had a similar

pastime called the “chunder run.” It takes place on a rugby pitch, or

rather around it. Dressed in rugby kit, you have to run round the perimeter

of the field, stopping on each circuit to drink a pint of beer, until you

chunder (=barf). Last man standing wins.

New Zealanders are very inventive in their amusements, though beer and

chunder feature pretty universally. I recall a “beach party” in a 4th-floor

apartment some of these guys shared in west London. They carried bags of

builders’ sand up the stairs and spread it all over the apartment, then sat

around in swim trunks under sun umbrellas… in London, in December. The

sand, umbrellas, etc. were really incidental. The main point of the thing

was to drink till you chundered. (A.k.a. parked a tiger on the rug, made

the technicolor yawn, went to talk into the big white telephone, etc. etc.)


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