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Re “Hard Sayings”

A good number of people have responded to this post, saying, basically, that the country has become hopelessly wussified, to be blunt. (I said “Oprahfied,” which is more indirect.) Many have pointed out that, hurricanes aside, we’re at war, in two different countries. They have also said that conventions were held in 1944: when many Americans were engaged in an awful, titanic struggle.

And I thought you might like to read this:


Let me give you another example of hardiness. My grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. She was born on September 11, 1912. We live in New York City. In 2001 for her 89th birthday we had planned to go out for a big dinner for her. Needless to say, the day didn’t turn out as planned. But we as a family decided to carry on. Even with the ruins of the WTC still smoldering in the distance, we took our grandmother out to dinner. We found one of the few restaurants on the Upper East Side that were open, and we celebrated.

As my grandmother said, she had been through worse in her life, and had made it this far. As far as she was concerned, they could bring it on, because at this point she wasn’t going to back down or let anything stop her.

I could relate much more — citing different examples from different readers — but you more than get our drift . . .


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