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Re: Hell No. I’ll Give You Hell No.

Kathryn — One: I was trying to be clear that I am very biased against Gonzales and therefore my views on the matter should be judged accordingly. Two: I think David makes fine points, though they leave out Gonzales’ ultimate responsibility for turning what — David believes to be a — non-scandal into a firestorm. Three: several readers note that a confirmation fight over a new AG would be a bloodbath and contrary to Bush’s interests, particularly in the war on terror. Okay…that’s a fair point, even if I’m not fully persuaded

But, four, are you and David Frum really, honest and for true, hoping that Bush nominates Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court if there’s another vacancy? Really? That’s the upshot of David’s final, “crucial” point. I confess that I haven’t been focusing on the bullpen for the next vacancy now that we have a Democratic Senate. But are things really that bad that the best argument for holding on to Gonzales as AG is that it keeps him viable for the Supreme Court? Where did I put my toaster, I think I’ll take a bath with it.

Update: Ponnuru for Scotus, now more than ever.

Update II: Ponnuru For Scotus: In Your Brain You Know He’s Right 

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