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Re: Heritage Action’s Key Vote

Dan Holler of Heritage Action writes in to strongly deny the story by Andrew Stiles on the home page right now:

Not surprisingly, the two anonymous sources got it wrong.  Heritage Action did not advocate a clean debt ceiling increase during a coalition meeting organized by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) office.  In that supposedly off-the-record meeting, we said we could get behind a small-dollar increase with the Full Faith and Credit Act attached — a policy that has passed the House multiple times this year. 

The real question is why would attendees from a meeting with “conservative groups and senior GOP staff members” would falsely accuse Heritage Action of flip-flopping.  Unfortunately, we will never know because there is no accountability in anonymity.  

Two things are certain though: Heritage Action does not support clean debt ceiling increases and will continue to do everything possible to find a solution that works for those who are seeing premiums increase, hours reduced and jobs vanish thanks to Obamacare.  


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