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Re: Hill

I do agree the bishop’s response left something to be desired, but Hill also said “I’m not here to celebrate, like you, the birth of Christ, but to ask you why you are not in mourning for his death in this place.” As you say, it was rude, but I don’t really see the courageous prophetic angle in her rant. I suspect she was invited to the Christmas concert to sing Christmas songs in the celebration of the birth of Christ, where presumably families were–it was not the venue. She could have, for instance, said “no” to the invitation and issued a press release about how evil she thinks the Vatican is (where Christ is dead, evidently; I am as repulsed and angered and saddened by crimes against children and young people as anyone, but I do not think that Christ is dead in the Vatican City or in the Catholic Church) or written a song that would have gotten just as much, if not more, attention. Anyway, I’m sure this is another agree-to-disagree re tact moment here.


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