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Re: Hillary and the Marines

Look, we know Hillary has a history of saying convenient things at convenient times that probably aren’t true but are uncheckable as a matter of fact (i.e., that she’s always been a Yankees fan). The notion that a religiously moralistic, anti-war and unapologetic Leftist, which is what Hillary was in 1975, would have contemplated joining the Marines in her late twenties just doesn’t pass the smell test. Not only wasn’t it something long-out-of-college Ivy types didn’t do in the mid-70s, it wasn’t something female long-out-of-college Ivy types did, and it certainly wasn’t something Watergate Committee staffer lawyers did. And it wasn’t something married women did. In general, upper-middle-class people didn’t have, let’s say, a favorable view of the military or its culture. So I’ll say it: She’s almost certainly lying.

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