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Re: Hillary Hate

Hey, Hate Mistress–to Matthew Yglesias, scrutiny of the Clintons and “hatred” of the Clintons seems to be one and the same thing. Notice how he turns the whole thing around and says: but shouldn’t we all be Moynihan haters? Can we count the days until a “vicious biography” really ruins Moynihan?

On books like Klein’s, we shouldn’t have the idea that a book is good only if it ruins careers. The Clintons have always set the standard so high — if we’re not indicted, we’re morally upright — that authors somehow have to get them indicted or they’re flops. Take each attempt to glean information on the Clintons and pile it up for a complete portrait of blind ambition and routine dishonesty. People writing or thinking about President Hillary should just rewalk the steps of what we already have learned about her over the last 13 years. In the last few weeks, her chief fundraiser was on trial, and coverage was weak and intent on distancing Hillary from the cavalcade of convicts who organized a 2000 fundraiser. They couldn’t convict Hillary’s chief fundraiser because the gala’s other organizers (Peter Paul, Aaron Tonken) had all kinds of legal trouble. Doesn’t that say anything about the moral standards of the Clintons?

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