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Re: Ho-Hum

Jonah, still licking his chops to advance his Canines Uber Alles thesis, has passed along a touching story about a dog leading rescuers to a dangerous fire.

Bully for the dog and his owner. But with regard to the dogs vs. cats issue, I find myself wrestling with epistemic closure. Dogs are good obedient servants. Cats are discerning peers. Dogs slavishly slobber. Cats masterfully preen. Dogs scavenge through the innards of dead antelope. Cats kill the antelope.

Basically, dogs drool, cats rule. There’s room enough for all in the hierarchy of human cohabitants, so long as everyone remembers it’s a hierarchy. Admittedly, my boys love their two dogs Snickers and Reeses. But they knew better than to try to elevate those two knuckleheads to the feline caste.


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