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Re: ‘I Am Convinced that the Regime Will Collapse’

Obviously the collapse of the Iranian regime is much to be wished for. But something that ayatollah at Duke said was interesting:

Still, it is not Islam which has failed, but rather a particular interpretation of Islam.

It’s not clear in the interview, but he may have been paraphrasing Montazeri. In any case, the very fact he had to make such a defensive claim is further evidence that the repressive and barbaric nature of the theocratic regime in Iran is, in the long term, the best thing to happen for us. Because, as I’ve written before, the only way for Islam to moderate itself and reconcile with modernity (and thus become a genuine “religion of peace”) is for Muslims themselves to finally comprehend that their faith, as it has been almost universally practiced for centuries, is a dead end in the modern world. And the only way that can happen is for Islamic regimes to take power and show that Islam has, in fact, failed. So, terrible as it is, it’s actually in our interest for the Iranian regime to hold on as long as possible, and crack down as brutally as it can, so as to radicalize (i.e., de-Islamize) as much of the population as possible.

Not for the Iranian people, certainly, but for the world at large, worse really is better.


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