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Re: I Sing The Chevy Suburban

In falling so hard for my Chevy Suburban, it has rapidly emerged, I am hardly alone. From a reader:

[B]ought one four years ago and it has been very good for us and our now 5 kids. Took a month last summer camping throughout the Western US. Over 7,500 miles from Florida and back. Super trip. No other vehicle could have done the job as well.

From another reader:

I bought my first Yukon [shorter than the Suburban but otherwise identical] a year and a half ago (used)….It is extremely comfortable and well built. It has 166,000 miles on it (60,000 of which put on by me since I bought it) and runs and handles like new. If Detroit built its passenger cars as well as they build these things, they’d never have to worry about foreign competition again.

And from yet another:

The Suburban is definately the ultimate large family vehicle. Our criteria when replacing our own dying Plymouth Voyager (a ‘94), 2 years ago was something that would hold us, our 3 kids, a friend per kid, the beach gear with picnic supplies, and still have room to stop for groceries on the way home so as not to have to make an extra trip….The Chevy Suburban is a real tribute to American engineering. It just does everything right as either a work truck or a large family vehicle.

Finally, a gorgeous little item from my friend Joe Malchow, an undergrad at Dartmouth:

I used to collect jingles and your post on the Corner reminded me of that Dinah Shore one. I uploaded the video to my blog.

To see and hear the sublime Dinah encouraging you to see the USA in your Chevrolet, go to Joe’s blog by clicking here.


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