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Re: I Stand Corrected

From a reader:

You’ve convinced me. I’ve been a committed progressive my entire life. I’ve read the Corner rather frequently to see what your side is thinking. I’ve found the arguments made occasionally enraging, often laughable, but never persuasive. But now, by selectively choosing to post the most inarticulate e-mail from a progressive reader you had in your Inbox, you’ve shown me that my fellow progressives are morons and I should reject their philosophy. Well done, sir.

I thought this was funny. But, just for the record, the earlier email was nowhere near the most inarticulate letter from a progressive reader I’ve gotten today, never mind this week. Also, I never intended that email to speak for highbrow and highminded progressives like the one who sent the above email.

Update: Some readers seem to think that I think this guy is being serious. Nope. That’s why I said I thought the email was funny. And that’s why I was being sarcastic about his highbrowness and highmindedness.


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