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Re: Immigration Odds

Kate, that’s great information, as always.  I feel like such a dolt on this issue because I always think I must be missing something obvious.  What is the moral, political or economic case for why Americans should want an effort made to give legal status to illegal aliens? 

If someone voluntarily chooses to come into or remain in the United States illegally, why are the disadvantages (to him) of having to live as an outlaw — i.e., why are the easily foreseeable consequences of his decision — my problem?  I didn’t ask him to come, I’m not asking him to stay.  Neither am I asking that the feds round up everyone — I am content if the slim enforcement resources are targeted at felons and employers, which would address, respectively, the worst offenders and the incentive for illegal immigration.

Congress and the president have a lot of problems that need addressing.  How does this one keep getting to the top of the pile?  Why should I care that someone who immigrates illegally has to live as an illegal immigrant?  I can easily understand why I should care that his bad behavior not be rewarded; but I don’t see how it’s at all in my interest to see his status legitimized. Until the comprehensive reform crowd has a good answer to that question, I don’t see how the public ever supports what the political class, for some strange reason, seems hell-bent on trying to do.

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