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Re: Immigration: The Other View

From a reader:

Jonah, you write that – “It drives me crazy that so many American Hispanics have decided that supporting or being soft on illegal immigration is their make or break issue.”


I’m going to stand up, sort of, for Hispanic Americans here and point out that all the evidence shows that they don’t care very much at all about illegal immigration. They care about education, crime, jobs, healthcare … all the things other Americans care about. Their stances on those issues align them more closely with the Democrats than with the Republicans and so they consistently vote for Democrats. But I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that significant numbers of American Hispanics see illegal immigration as a vital issue.


Oh, and I’m SHOCKED to hear that an immigration attorney favors more immigration. In other news, the head of the AFL-CIO favors increased unionization and the workers of Ford Motor Company think you need a new Ford automobile.


Keep up the good work, Big Guy.



I am a conservative who happens to be a recruiter and have dealt with a

number of immigration issues as at one time a large number of high tech

hires were on H1b Visas.  My basic view is control the borders and open up

legal immigration by LARGE amounts.  One of my associates calls it “tall

fences and wide gates”.  Why should Hispanics get a break on immigration

because they can walk here?  I deal with the illegals (send them home) and

replace  them with legals – from all over the world.  Heck, there are people

from Azerbaijan to Uganda that want to come here but can’t because of quotas

and the fact that they need to come by air (hence are easier to control

entry).  Again why should Mexicans get to cut to the front of the line just

by an accident of geography?



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