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Re: Iran in Britain

Stanley, you’re right, of course. And this goes to a lesson we shouldn’t have to keep relearning.

When we were trying the 1993 WTC bombers — Muslims native of the Middle East who had relocated to the U.S. (and, for the most part, had become radicalized while here) — a big part of their defense was this bunk about how, in Islam, a Muslim who chooses to live in a non-Muslim country makes an implicit pact to live at peace with, and adhere to, the laws of that country.

This, again, is part of the often bipolar nature of Islamic scripture — some of which appears very tolerant, and some very threatening.

Two uncomfortable truths we need to come to grips with: (a) much of the threatening stuff actually comes later in time than, and implicitly supersedes, the tolerant verses; and (b) the terrorists, in any event, construe the world’s territories as divided into Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb — the realm of Islam and the realm of war. The latter is everything that is not already an Islamic country — deemed to be in the state of becoming Islamic, however long it takes and by violent jihad as necessary to effect that end.

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