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Re: Iraq/Afghanistan

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I love the Corner.

In re: your post on the Wars:

I agree with you but you don’t go nearly far enough. The McCain/Lieberman “responsible” party (of which I count myself a committed partisan) MUST have a better answer on Afghanistan. Not enough to say stay the course in Iraq and wait and hope next President gets luckier in Afghanistan. The Dems are going to say this Fall that Afghanistan/Pakistan/Al Qaeda/Taliban is the REAL war and that we are blowing it because Iraq is sucking up too many resources. A great way for them to say they will pull the plug on Iraq without sounding weak. They will say want to pull the plug in Iraq so they can fight HARDER in Afghanistan/Pakistan. It’s all B.S. but Joe Biden is polishing this message every chance he gets. He will either be the V.P. nominee or the chief Foreign Policy surrogate during the Fall campaign.

What is our answer on Afghanistan? How can we win there while at same time staying the course in Iraq? If we can’t answer, we give the Dems much more standing than they deserve in the debate to come.