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Re: Irish Wakes

From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

A bit of perspective on the Irish wake approach. I still remember from

my late brother-in-law’s funeral what the priest said about mourning.

My brother in law had fought a 10 year battle against a brain tumor. In

those 10 years he managed to get an MBA, a college teaching position,

and father a child with my sister (something that many in both families

still consider a miracle). The priest said that the grief was for us,

because Dan’s pain was over, and he was in a better place. We grieve

for ourselves, for the separation from a soul we love, but we shouldn’t

be afraid to laugh and joke as we remembered Dan and celebrated his

life. The wake is a celebration of the departed soul’s life, and a

farewell party. The mourning, that is for our loss.


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