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Re: “This is Isolationism”

Senator McCain, I wonder what Ronald Reagan would be saying about your friendly visit to Qaddafi in that Tripoli compound that President Reagan bombed — remember, the 2009 visit where you helped smooth the way for U.S. taxpayer underwriting of Qaddafi’s armed forces — the ones you’ve now decided we need to wipe out. Remember, back when you were swooning over “the many ways in which the United States and Libya [ACM — that would be Qaddafi’s Libya] can work together as partners.” I wonder what Ronald Reagan would say about Congress’s vote to increase funding to Qaddafi so he could bulk up his military and improve his air force … just weeks before you suddenly decided Qaddafi was an incorrigible terrorist who had to be overthrown — starting with taking out his air force and his military.

But let’s not be isolationists. Let’s stay in Libya until the “rebels” have beheaded every black African in the country, or at least until the al Qaeda chiefs in Libya have taught the “rebels” everything they learned fighting American troops in Iraq.


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