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Re: It’s That Man Again

A reader: “Hi John—I agree with your assessment of President Clinton,

especially ‘…a fundamentally frivolous person with no values and a

mish-mosh of half-baked lefty ideas…’ Because of this trait, I viewed him

as less was clear that he really didn’t want do anything as President, he

just wanted to *be* President. (Of course, others wanted to act through

him, especially his wife.) If periodically we have to have Democrats as

Presidents, then he’s the kind I’ll take — sans the scandals of course. In

this regard, he and Kerry and George Bush Sr. seem to be alike. Of course,

Kerry comes across as more of a pompous ass, but I don’t think he can help


Hmm. The problem with this is that as easy-going as the man himself might

be about his lefty principles, he’s going to appoint & nominate people in

lesser posts who are much less so, and can do great harm. Clinton might be

squishy and opportunistic about his principles, but you could not say the

same about ferocious ideologues like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Bill Lann Lee.

Doesn’t it seem funny to be talking about Clinton, though? So-o-o nineties.

I’m going to stop. It only encourages him.


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