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John: Tony Blair agrees with you.  Both General Dannatt and the Prime Minister today reaffirmed their commitment to the absolute necessity of staying in Iraq “until the job is done” — which is to say, until Iraqis can provide for their own security. The General’s comments, and the storm they have created, are a testament to (1) the need for more Iraqi (not coalition) troops in Iraq and (2) the need for the media to focus more on the hard work of reporting news and less on the fun hobby of inventing it — by snipping (and sniping) out of context.  War in Iraq, tempest at tea-time in the West….

Mario Loyola — Mr. Loyola is a research associate professor and the director of the Environmental Finance and Risk Management Program at Florida International University and a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. From 2017 to 2019 he was the associate director for regulatory reform at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.