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Re: Jail Was Not The Most Disgraceful Act!

Good e-mail re going to jail: “Talking about Kerry’s statement on GW Bush’s National Guard duty you say ‘…he not so subtly lumps Guard service in with every known dishonorable anti-war activity-including going to jail!’ While I agree with you that Kerry’s statement was very disingenuous and got a dig in on the President in a very under handed way I would like to take issue with the ‘…-including going to jail’ part. When I was a kid growing up in the sixties with three brothers in Vietnam, I was telling my mother how disgraceful it was for people to go to jail rather than serve in Vietnam. My mother (who voted for [Goldwater] in ‘64) set me straight that people willing to go to jail were FAR better than the cowards that scampered off to Canada. She said, at least they had the strength of their convictions. I had to agree with her. So I think you reword your line to say ‘…including fleeing to Canada.’”


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