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Re: Janet: Looking For The Right Word

From a reader:

You hit the nail on the head. I found it depressing, banal, un-sexy, unimaginative, degrading and condescending. It was so obviously designed to “shock and offend” us middle-class goobers. They substitute “shock” for actual talent. No doubt the MTV types evaluate their success on the level of public “outrage”.

What we need is a word or expression for being offended/disgusted but not offended/shocked; for being outraged that they think you are so stupid and tasteless, not that you find sex or body parts inherently offensive.

Indifference/yawning is the biggest insult you can give them but how can you let such trash go on without a comment? Watching it with my 10, 11 and 13 years old nieces/nephew really brought it home to me – how much a toilet pop culture is. Come up with a word/phrase, Jonah. Make it a contest, such as the one in the Atlantic Monthly


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