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Re: Jenny 8

From a friend (just in case you think this is another “anonymous source”):

Dear Jonah,

There is more ridiculousness in the New York Sun story you skewered in the

Corner than you realize.

More than half of everyone involved in the creation of that story — reporter included — were college classmates at Harvard or were contemporaries there. At least 6 of the 11 people quoted, to be precise. Schneider-Mayerson was Harvard ‘00, Lee was ‘99, and five others graduated

between ‘99 and ‘01.

I know most of these people personally (having also been a contemporary at Harvard). I can attest that they are wonderful people. But disinterested observers they are not. Most of these people worked together as reporters and editors at the Harvard Crimson in the late 1990s.

The words “puff piece” come to mind as apt characterization of this Sun story, but I hate to be so harsh.

Clearly some journalistic liberties have been taken. In calling the piece absurd, you were more correct than you knew.

[Name withheld]

ps. Not that you asked, but I can attest that Jenny 8. Lee’s parties are in fact quite fun. And the dumplings are superb.


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