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Re: Jokes

I leave for a few minutes and people start telling Armenian jokes? I’m lousy at remembering jokes, so I’m not the person to go to. The only Armenian joke I can think of is just a translation of the (old) Jewish joke about an old woman complaining to her friend that her son is marrying another man, and the friend asks “Is he Armenian?” In Armenia they tell Kurdish jokes, which were like our Polish jokes – about dim-witted dullards. I would tell people that in America people (used to) tell Polish jokes, and they were amazed, because they saw Poles as tall, blond, sophisticated paragons of European-ness – go figure. When Deukmejian was elected governor of California, I remember Carson told two “Armenian” jokes (one had something to do with a flying carpet), but no one laughed, because most of them had never heard of Armenians in the first place, and ethnic jokes are impossible without stereotypes.


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