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Re: Jubilation

Karl and Co. have my admiration. The deck was stacked against them.

Not only did Bush have to run against the DNC, Shrum & the Clintonites – fair enough — he also had to run against The New York Times, CBS and the rest of the MSM, Hollywood (including Michael Moore and the cast of “The West Wing’), Bruce Springsteen, Academia, the union bosses (but not the rank and file), the ‘non-partisan” ACLU, the “non-partisan” NAACP, Kofi Annan & Mohamed ElBaradei, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and, of course, the lovely and charming Jacques Chirac.

He also had to run against most employees of the DoS and the CIA.

In regard to these last two agencies, one has to hope that, in his second term, the President will take pains to ensure that America’s diplomats and intelligence officers support the government for which they are working.

In regard to the MSM, they have compromised their integrity and professionalism – and, it turns out, for nothing. One would hope there would be some self-examination and self-criticism. But I ain’t betting on it.

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