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Re: Judge Not

I awoke to find in my email box a lot of rotten tomatoes, banana peels and soiled diapers, hurled there in protest over my “choices” in that hottest conservative women thing. “You left out so and so!” “Michelle Malkin’s not number one!?” “Who the hell is [name withheld]!?” All I can say is that I was merely given a list of  pictures to choose from and I voted my, er, conscience (I did not recognize many of the contestants). While the vast majority of my selections for the top 20 are reflected in the final tally, the order in which they appear in the final rankings does not reflect my own personal judgments too well. But I am just one judge among many.

I hope this puts an end to this unfortunate controversy and puts me back in the good graces of both various attractive ladies (though, alas, I fear this whole episode has earned me few points with my wife) and the  men who adore them from afar.


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